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Based in the historic Mother Lode foothills of California's Sierra Nevada, Good Communications Inc. (GCI) was founded by publishing-industry veteran Dave Wallace.

Since opening day, GCI has maintained a level of professionalism that pleases editors while presenting each client's products and services in the best-possible light. We value each client relationship as a long-term marketing partnership, based on mutual honesty, integrity and trust. We don't believe in written contracts; our word is our bond.

Our philosophy is simple: As we help your business grow, you will increase your promotional investment. Thus, both companies grow and benefit continuously. GCI clients further benefit from the extensive personal relationships with publishers and editors that Dave has established since his byline debuted in 1964. GCI is a member of SEMA and the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

Dave Wallace at Fremont with Garlits

As a longtime editor (Petersen's Drag Racing magazine, Drag News) and staff writer (Hot Rod magazine), Wallace's editorial responsibilities included selecting the technical articles and press releases that would make it into print — and rejecting the substandard material submitted by advertising agencies and those manufacturers who attempted to perform their promotions "in-house." Dave also recognized that a majority of paid advertising was poorly prepared and ineffective, basically wasting the advertisers' money. In 1988, Wallace resigned as editor of Petersen's Drag Racing to launch Good Communications as a full-service advertising agency.

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