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You know how good your product is, but showing everyone else how good it is can be the tricky part. Most people will decide whether they like or dislike something they see in a fraction of a second, Click to View Photo Galleriesand your hours and expense in R&D and production can be wasted if your product is not treated fairly when it is presented to buyers and consumers in the marketplace.

Showing the world how good your product is takes more than just a digital camera and the fluorescent lights at your shop. All too often "the help" ends up with the assignment of taking the pictures that will make or break your product's success. The reality is that today's buyer wants to see how good your product is, and in almost every case, a quick, cheap "good enough" representation can lose more sales than it generates.

We specialize in studio, and location automotive photography and retouching. Using either professional-grade digital or film cameras, and some of the finest lighting equipment in the world, we can make your product look its best whether in the studio, or on a car at the track. And since we know every part on a car, as well as how it works, the result is a photo that not only makes your product stand up and be seen, but also won't be displayed upside-down or backward.

Click to View Photo GalleriesOur 25-plus years of professional photography experience ensures you can draw potential buyers in with a "Wow" shot, then further illustrate the intricacies of your product line with highly-detailed overall and close-up shots. All of our photography is ready for the highest-quality, glossy print reproduction, but is also the best in its class for on-screen Website use as well as black and white newsprint repro.

Click here to view samples of GCI photography.

For printed photography samples and a complete client list, please contact Dave Wallace:

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