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In most cases, great photography will get the job done, but occasionally, manufacturing procedures can create a great product that does not look perfect, or in other cases, you may want to draw attention to a specific feature of a part or assembly that does not naturally stand-out in normal viewing. That is where retouching comes in.

Click to EnlargeOften, brand new parts will have scratches, stains, or other surface imperfections that do not affect its performance, and do not stand out when you hold the part in your hand, but will show up when the product is shown full-size in a glossy magazine. (Click here to see the differences in this photo on the right.)

Naturally, most of these surface flaws are never even seen when the part is installed and working away in a customer's car, but when a customer is thinking about buying your product and giving it a "real good look", these flaws can raise questions about the integrity of your product line overall. And all too often, the customer won't even bother to ask you or your reps those "integrity" questions.

GCI's digital retouching services help erase these little imperfections, even the ones that "really don't matter", so your buyers will spend more time admiring your product, and less time asking questions. We make fingerprints, casting pits and machining scuffs a thing of the past.

The various other uses for retouching include color and contrast manipulation, as well as building composite images, to enhance specific features of a product, or show similarities and differences among groups of products that would normally be difficult to illustrate.

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