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Magalogs by Good CommunicationsA print catalog is still the most-important promotional tool in an aftermarket company's toolbox! Good Communications' clients who track the sources of customer contacts will verify that when a sale is made, a printed catalog, brochure or flyer almost always figures prominently in that purchasing decision.

This is particularly true of a first-time sale. Attracting the new customer's attention with print or online advertising is the easy part; after that initial phone or e-mail inquiry, how do you set yourself above your competitors (who might be buying larger ads, in more places)? Persuading a person unfamiliar with your products to actually break out a credit card — later, if not sooner — is the true test of any marketing campaign. The company that promptly follows up a sales call with quality printed material is more likely to get the sale. In the entire "chain" of impressions that ultimately turns a prospect into a customer — including paid advertising, a press release, an editorial mention, a race-track display, a contingency program, your Website, etc. — no other component delivers more bang for the buck.

Product Catalogs by Good Communications The ultimate catalog is what we call a "magalog." Twenty years ago, publishing-veteran Dave Wallace pioneered the concept of combining key elements of a catalog and magazine into an integrated package. The client's product line is not only pictured and described, but complemented by persuasive "how-to" articles that illustrate how easy these parts are to install, and how well they fit. Moreover, because these how-to pages often originate as technical articles that GCI created for a magazine, they are easily adapted to your catalog — and to your Website.

Whether you want a full-color magalog or a simple flyer, we'll create an attractive mailing piece that's designed to help your sales staff "close the deal."

Samples of GCI product catalogs will be available for viewing here soon.

For GCI product-catalog samples, please contact Dave Wallace.

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