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GCI offers practical Web-based solutions for promoting your products and services online. We offer cost-effective Website design (including e-commerce packages that give visitors easy access to your "Web store"), plus hosting and maintenance services. We pride ourselves on delivering some of the quickest-loading, fastest-moving sites on the planet! GCI also issues electronic press releases that expose our clients' products and services to key media contacts around the world.

Click to View Website SamplesLike all GCI services, our Web development is custom-tailored to your company's specific needs. Dating back to 1994, our experience with Internet startups actually predates the World Wide Web. Thus, our knowlwedge of what has — and has not — worked through the years is applied to every Website project, whether we're building from scratch or cleaning up the mess left behind by your former Webmaster.

Not unlike successful car-builders and racers, we subscribe to the theory of "simpler is better." We'll make your products and services look irresistible, without compromising access speed. GCI's Websites deliver the goods in record time, while offering the best-looking and easiest-to-understand interfaces available. We'll also help you save money and retain viewer interest by avoiding the slow-loading, "wiz-bang" screen effects so often misused nowadays, which typically frustrate potential customers rather than serve their needs.

Click here to view examples of GCI Websites.

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